Physio for Kids aims to provide a service that assists
parents and health care providers in achieving optimal physical development for children in a professional, supportive and fun environment.

Physio for Kids can assist with your baby, child or adolescent’s:

  1. - general development, movement acquisition and posture

  2. - physical skills such as balance or coordination

  3. - rehabilitation following surgery or injury

  4. - sports preparation and physical fitness

A consultation with one of our paediatric physiotherapists consists of:

  1. - individually tailored assessment

  2. - treatment strategies to address your child’s needs

  3. - a written program and plan of action to take home

Initial and standard consultations generally occur over 50 minutes, however a shorter 30 minute consultation for a review visit may at
times be appropriate. Consultations occur within our physiotherapy practice, however home and school visits may at times be available.

Assessment and treatment is based upon sound medical and
scientific evidence.

The needs of your child and appropriate treatment are established together between your treating physiotherapist and yourself.

Written reports, letters and referrals are available to assist with:

  1. - funding applications (eg school integration, aids and equipment)

  2. - letters to your doctor or other health professionals

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